We are the sole distributor of our product lines in the USA.  We specialize in unique, whimsical gifts from different parts of the world. We started in 2002 with the Wupper, wooden bouncing contraptions invented in Germany. They are named after the town, Wuppertal, which means valley of the river Wupper. The Wuppers are fun, decorative items loved by young and old alike.  In March 2011 we hired Pacific Diversified Services to quality control the Wuppers.

Bendable, handcrafted fairies from Thailand were the next adventure.  The fairies are created by Tassie Design, a loving family business in Bangkok. Tassie is a company with 100% original designs implemented by artisans who have many years of experience. The brother and sister, who own the company, inherited it from their parents. They originally assembled silk flowers until they could not compete with the lower wages in China. Together they embarked on a new endeavor developing fairies. The brother focuses on running the company while the sister creates the designs.  The fairies are colorful and delightful with a wonderful selection ranging from jeweled skirts to flower skirts.

We then branched out to hand-cranked music boxes imported from a German company, Fridolin.  They add a wood base to each music box for improved sound and house each one in a decorative, artistic box.  The music is mostly classical, such as Fur Elise by Beethoven and A Little Night Music by Mozart, and many images are taken from the art world of Van Gogh, Klimt, Kandinsky, Monet, Art Nouveau, Motley, Mucha, Rosina Wachtmeister, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and more.  We now offer the entire Fridolin catalog with a wonderful array of gift items!